Asahi Shimbun Reduced-size Facsimile Edition 1879〜1999

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About Searched Article

News Page Image

This displays the article page image. On the selected page, brackets 【】 (example : 【1】 will be displayed. Clicking on the displayed number will allow you to read other pages.

Turning pages for the same date

For pages with the same date, by clicking the right-left arrow buttons, results can be scrolled by 'Next page' or 'Previous page', etc.

Page turning function for search results

By clicking the up-down arrow buttons, the pages of the search results can be scrolled by 'Previous search results page' or 'Next search results page', etc.

Red marks on each side of the page image

When searching articles under keyword, a list of headings will be displayed. On each side of the page image lists the relevant articles in red. This is an aid to find articles easily.

*These red marks only appear during the article keyword search. They are not displayed for date of issue search and advertisement search. Special editions, supplements and excerpts are also not displayed. These red marks will also appear when printed. If you wish to print without these marks, search by date of issue and print when the desired article is displayed.

About thumbnail display screen

About thumbnail images

Click the thumbnail image to display the newspaper page image.

*The thumbnail list will appear in order of morning edition, offprint, supplement, evening edition, and extra edition.