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Heading which are followed by【Osaka】are articles and advertisements from the Osaka headquarters edition. All other articles and advertisements are from the Tokyo headquarters edition.

<Regarding the Meiji Era>
From the period of time following its inauguration in year 12 of the Meiji Era, the headings of the newspaper do not exist as they do now. For this reason, the first 10 characters of the beginning of the main text are displayed, followed by "……", and then a provisional headline in parentheses ().
○去九日予て各新聞に……(ハワイ皇帝が新富座で観劇) 【大阪】
○For the 9th day of a certain month for each newspaper……(The Hawaiian Emperor sees Shintomi-za kabuki) 【Osaka】
In cases where the heading is short and the meaning unclear, a provisional heading is supplied.
同地 (フランス艦隊が呉淞へ)
Same place (The French squadron heads to Wusong)
The characters ◆◆ will be displayed in front of incidents or events of historical importance.
<Regarding Extra edition>
・ The letters “大” and “東” following the ★ mark are the name of headquarter / branch that issued extra edition (ex. 大 → 大阪, 東 → 東京, 名 → 名古屋, 西 → 西部, 北 → 北海道).
・ Alphabet indicates the difference between extra editions issued on the same date. A, B, C ... are arranged in order from the oldest (ex. B version is newer than A version).
・ Numbers are page numbers of extra edition. Each page is an independent PDF.
◆◆東海道新幹線スタート マーチに送られ初列車 輸送力は38%ふえる_新幹線
◆◆Tokaido Shinkansen Starts Marching band send off Transportation capacity increases by 38%_Shinkansen
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