Who’s Who Database 〜注目の「人」を知る〜

Focusing on influential people from all areas, this Who's Who database covers a wide selection of financiers, politicians, researchers, cultural figures and athletes.

【Note】 This is an optional content for users of Kikuzo II Visual.



It is possible to input the names of people.


This searches on Chinese characters and their spelling.

Start Search

If you click this, your search will start. Pressing the keyboard Enter key will also start the search.


If you click this, all data in the "keyword", "published date", "category", etc. will be removed.

Searching with Chinese character variants

It is possible to search with notations, including Chinese character variants, contracted sounds, double consonants, and middle points (・).

* Chinese character variants here refer to character forms which differ from the usual form. This can include differences between newly created characters and old characters, personal names and place names.
Searching 沢田 (Sahada) returns both 沢田 (Sahada) and 澤田 (Sawada).
This eliminates the need to search with the OR operator (沢田+澤田).
*Searches which incorporate contracted sounds and double consonants such as 「ぁ」(Ah) and 「あ」(Ah) will return both results. For example a search on キャッツ (Kyattsu) returns both キャッツ (Kyattsu) andキヤツツ (Kyatsu).
*Searches which include notation such as middle points (・) when searching on words of foreign origin or foreign names return results both with and without the notation.
World・Cup will also return World Cup

Search option

Search option

It is possible to refine your person search if you also search by keyword.

Employment Information

It is possible to input place of employment, job title and job name. Entering spaces between each piece of information will allow you to search on individuals that match all details.

*Under the electoral district item, the A or B that appears after the electoral districts of members of the House of Councillors or proportionally represented constituency indicates the election of half of these members. This takes place every 3 years.

If you click "Reference", a small window will open, displaying a list of person categories.
In this small window, if you click "Select" on the name category, an input box will appear. It is also possible to choose among several areas.

Free word

Biographical data, achievements, and date they received the award is used.


Gregorian calendar dates and periods are entered using half-width characters.
Year born 1960 →1960
Birth date of June 24 →.06.24  ※A period is required first

List Display

List Display
Number of events

It is possible to modify the search results page to display from 10 to 50 results. The default setting displays 20 results.


This designates the order in which results are displayed.
"Newest First" will display individuals whose data has been most recently updated.
The default settings will display in order of the 50-character Japanese syllabary.