Who’s Who Database 〜注目の「人」を知る〜


Information such as biographical data and contact information of influential people from all fields is covered, including economists, politicians, researchers, cultural figures and athletes. They are searchable on name (Chinese character/spelling), employment information, achievements and field.

Regarding figures included

Includes approximately 35,000 individuals
1.Scholars, economists, cultural figures, mass communications, entertainment industry, and sports figures.
Special attention is paid to compile scholars and researchers who are active in their fields. With regards to finance, as a rule presidents with companies listed first on the Tokyo Stock Exchange are included.

Diet members (members of the House of Representatives and House of Councillors)and governors, mayors, ward chiefs of all 23 wards of Tokyo are compiled.

3.Government Officials(central government ministries and agencies、prefectural and city governments)
Mostly covering agency heads and ambassadors. Also included from prefectural and city governments are governors, Lieutenant Governors, treasurers and educational superintendents.

A selection of prominent figures and other people living in Japan are included.

*As a rule, whether the data is made public knowledge or not is up to the individual, however publicly elected officials such as members of parliament, governors, government officials of ministries and agencies and others deemed by the Asahi Shimbun company to perform [public duties] shall have their bibliographic data be limited employment and contact information.

Regarding updating information

Updates and corrections are made by regularly contacting the individuals compiled therein. In addition, if there are changes made to the employment information or achievements of included individuals, the database will be updated by the following day.