Overseas Editions 1935~1945

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Page Image Screen

Select either newspaper page image or thumbnail list from the list to display either.

Page Image

This displays an image of the pages. The selected pages will be displayed as "serial number" in the page list on the left in brackets, such as【1】 or 【2】. Clicking on the number allows you to read another page.

*The serial number is different from the page number on the page.
About the "Crop Page" Function

If you need to cut out the necessary articles and print them, you can print using the "Crop Page" function.

Click the "Crop Page" button.

A new window for operating "Crop Page" opens. Please use the mouse to select the area you want to print, and click "Confirm."

Click the "Print" button to print.

How to print the entire page

If you need to print the entire page image (PDF), please print by clicking the "Print file (ctrl + P)" icon on the toolbar.

About thumbnail display screen

Thumbnail View

This displays thumbnail images of each page.