Image Database of Regional pages ~1999


 A menu for those searching past local events and history.

 Although the date range varies by prefecture, generally, the local news pages of Asahi Shimbun from 1935 to 1999 can be searched and viewed from the date of publication. An image of the actual page from the time is viewable via a PDF file.

In the screen to the right, click on an operational function you want to know more about to link to an explanation of it.

【Note】 Asahi Shimbun Prefectural Editions are optional contents for users of Kikuzo II Visual.

Date of Issue

Date of Issue

It is possible to designate the date by clicking on the "Date" box. By checking "From" , "To" and "Only" boxes, you can limit the search date.

Date of Issue Search

This displays a list of issues based on date of issue. It is possible to view date of issue, Prefectures, newspaper image and thumbnail images of each page.


Under the initial setting, check marks appear for all prefectures for which newspaper pages are available, such as Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture, meaning all prefectures are covered in the search.
Check marks can be removed to designate a specific search area, such as only Ibaraki Prefecture or only Aichi Prefecture.


Number of headlines

You could choose the number of headlines shown on a single page between 50 to 100. The original setting is 50 headlines


You could arrange the sequence of the headlines. The original setting is the oldest article to be shown on the top of the list. You could either choose the original setting or list the oldest headline available on the top of the list.


Using the calendar, it is possible to specify which date to search.