Image Database of Regional pages ~1999


The Asahi Shimbun Reduced-size Facsimile Edition "Image Database of Regional pages" contains local news published by Asahi Shimbun covering each prefecture. Searches are possible by the publication date. The entire local news page can be viewed while making the image larger or smaller. This is useful for looking up past local events and history.
Prefectures with more than one local news edition contain local news for other areas outside of the city where the prefectural office is located.
<Ex.> Fukuoka edition: Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Chikugo, Chikuho, and Keichiku

【Note】 Asahi Shimbun Prefectural Editions are optional contents for users of Kikuzo II Visual.

Regarding compilation of news pages

The original Image Database of Regional pages preserved by Asahi Shimbun on microfilm have been scanned and converted to PDF files.
Although the date range varies by prefecture, generally it spans from 1935 to 1999.
47 prefectures are available. [Contents by prefecture](PDF)

*Some editions are not available, mainly during World War II and immediately after the war.
*Newspaper pages are not available for next days when the newspaper was not published.