English-language News Database

The Asahi Shimbun Company has just created a database of its English-language newspapers. You are able to perform a full-text search of articles published in the "The International Herald Tribune/The Asahi Shimbun (the IHT/Asahi)," and "AJW (Asia & Japan Watch)" dating back to April 2001.

In the screen to the right, click on an operational function you want to know more about to link to an explanation of it.

。レNote。ロ。。English-language News Database is optional contents for users of Kikuzo II Visual.



When you click "Source," a list shows media name and period that is included in the database.

Kikuzo ュカ English database contains full text database from 2001 to the present.
。ヲIHT/Asahi Shimbun (2001.4。チ2011.2) full text
・Asia & Japan Watch (2011.3〜Present) full text & photo/chart



You see a display of 4 genres, such as "Vox Populi"(天声人語), "Editorial" (社説), "3/11 Disaster" (東日本大震災), and "Cool Japan" (クール・ジャパン). By clicking each button, a list of articles will be displayed.

Search Terms

Search Terms

・When you have more than two keywords for a search, insert a space between the two words, then articles which contain those words will appear as the search result.

・It is not case sensitive.

・Please type using half-width characters.


By clicking the button, a search will start. You could also hit the enter key on your keyboard.


By clicking the button, all requests you had made in the previous search will be all cleared.


By clicking "Examples.," examples of logical operations using "AND", "OR", "NOT" will be displayed

If you enter:  You find records that contain:
water air  Both the word "water" and the word "air"
water AND air  Both the word "water" and the word "air"
water OR air  Either the word "water" or the word "air" or both words
water NOT air  The word "water" but not the word "air"

About a search expression
・The priority of the search is NOT, AND, OR.
・You can use parenthesis to prioritize search terms.
Search terms entered inside parentheses are given higher priority than terms not in parentheses.
For example: (cool OR warm) AND biz
・Searching for phrases
To match an exact phrase, enclose the entire phrase in double quotes.
For example: "cool japan"
・Searching with a stemming algorithm
It is possible to search with a stemming algorithm. It is a function that it recognizes the stem of a word from a search word and searches including a conjugation and derivation form.
For example:
Object of the Search

You could choose from "In Headline" "In Text" "Keyword." When the database editorial department deems it necessary, it adds keywords to the database.

Specify Date

Specify Date

You could specify the date of issue.
From January 1, 2011 until December 31, 2011  From: 20110101 To: 20111231
January 31, 2011 only  From: 20110131 To: 20110131

※You cannot search by only the date of issue. You have to enter a keyword or select "Category" or "Country."


Category Search

You could choose from 13 categories, such as "Asia," "Business," and "Sports."


Country Search

You could choose from countries, such as "Japan," "China," "South Korea," and "North Korea."



You could arrange the sequence of the headlines. The original setting is the oldest article to be shown on the top of the list. You could either choose the original setting or list the oldest headline available on the top of the list.