Kikuzo II Visual Cross-search function


What is the Cross-search function?

By entering a keyword in the cross-search window, it is now possible to do a single search across all contents stored in Kikuzo II Visual, including the 'Asahi Shimbun 1985〜, Shukan Asahi and AERA', 'Asahi Shimbun Reduced-size Facsimile Edition 1879 - 1999', 'Chiezo Keyword Database', 'Who's Who Database', and 'Asahi Graph', and display a list of the search results.

【Note】The 'Historical Photo Archive' and the 'English-language News Database' are excluded from the cross-search.
Also, you can only search the content available under your contract.

"▼選択" (Select)

When you click "▼選択", the contents of the cross-search result are displayed and any optional search result can be selected. The default setting is that all contents that are part of your contract are checked. When you click "▼選択" again, the selected contents are closed.

Search results list

By input of keywords and then pressing the 'Cross-search' button, the number of search results for the contents being searched will be displayed.

【Note】Content that is not part of your contract will be displayed as “Outside your contract” (“ご契約外”).

Then if you click the number of retrieved results, a list of headings for those contents is displayed.

Copy selected character strings

Words (character strings) selected in the text can be copied to the cross-search keyword input window.

Search using a selected character string as a keyword

For 'Asahi Shimbun 1985〜, Shukan Asahi and AERA', 'Chiezo Keyword Database' and 'Who's Who' Database, when the full text is displayed, a 'Contents search button' is displayed with which you can search via the Contents tab using a character string as a keyword. This function is convenient when you want to search other content, having selected words in the full text as a search word.
Select any characters in the full text and click the 'Contents search button' to display a list of the search results for that content.