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When you have more than two words for a search, insert a space between the two words, the articles in which contain those words will appear as the search result.
Also, you could press "AND""OR""NOT" buttons after each word, then signs "&""+"and "#" will appear in the search window respectively. Those signs would also help narrow down your search.


When you click the button, a search will start. The Enter key on your keyboard will do the same function.


By clicking the button, you could reset all the options you had chosen for the search.

Search Options

Search Options

By using the options with the keywords, it will help you narrow down your search.

Search Target

The keyword could be categorized as "generic term" and "abbreviated term/non-Japanese term".
At the beginning of a search, all the terms will be the target of a search.


A small window will open when you click the "Reference" button. Divisions and categories of the term will be listed. By clicking the categories in a small window, then click "choose", the category you had selected will appear in the search box.

List Display

List Display
Number of search results

You could choose the number of search result shown on a single page between 10 and 100. The original setting is 20.