A modern dictionary which introduces both basic key terms and the newest terminology that seriously affects our world.
New data is updated and added based on records from the Asahi Shimbun publication "Chiezo 2007".
(Updated every Spring)

Number of terms stored

About 8000 terms are stored.

Regarding classification of stored terms

Terms are categorized and are available for browsing.
21 science categories including: technology, energy technology, computers, nuclear power
9 sports categories including: soccer, baseball, sumo
17 international affairs categories including: international politics, South East Asia, arms control and military technology
9 politics categories including: elections, National Diet/political parties and local administration
13 culture categories including: art, literature, dramatic plays and movies
19 daily life categories including law, medical treatment, food
16 society categories including environment, Internet/IT society, popular terms
15 economics/industry categories including Japanese economy, labor/hiring, consumption/circulation/marketing