Asahi Graph 1923〜1956


Asahi Graph, a pictorial magazine established in 1923. Kikuzo II Visual brings to the users a digital archive of images in color that appeared in approximately 2,000 issues up until 1956. These images from the end of the Taisho Period through the turbulent prewar and wartime years of the Showa Period can be used as graphic historical materials that shed light on the social conditions and public mores of that era.
The user can conduct searches by date of publication or by key words from the table of contents or summary.


・January 25, 1923 edition marked the inaugural issue of the daily "Asahi Graph" (dated January 26)
・September 1, 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake caused publication to be suspended
・November 14, 1923 edition published as weekly pictorial magazine
・Publication suspended with October 13, 2001 edition. Publication of "Asahi Graph" was suspended with the October 13 edition, published October 4, marking the final regular edition and the Sidney Olympics Extra Edition, published October 4 (edition no. 4105), marking the final extra edition.

【Note】 Asahi Graph is an optional content for users of Kikuzo II Visual.

Regarding Compilation of Magazine Pages

In addition to the regular editions published in Tokyo (some in Osaka), some non-regular editions (such as special editions, extra editions, extra summer editions, etc.) and overseas editions (ASAHI GRAPH OVERSEAS EDITION) are recorded. Original pages from the time of publication, stored by Asahi Shimbun, are scanned and made into page images (PDF).